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Most people have a simple skincare routine that they do at home but are missing out on the key benefits of professional spa treatments! We provide the most effective and relaxing facial treatments! Some benefits of facials: prevent aging, clear & prevent acne, improve skin texture & uneven skin tone, exfoliate the skin,  minimizes pores & reduce clogged pores, heal acne marks, dark spots and age spots, remove dead skin cells, pimple extractions, smoother skin, improve skin appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, benefits the anti-aging process and many more….!

CBD Calm Relaxing Facial     $115

CBD infused facial uses a powerful antioxidant to reverse the signs of aging by combating free radical damage, caused by environmental stress and everyday pollutants. For all skin types.

Hydro-Peptide Anti-Aging  $115

The ultimate anti-aging treatment designed to rejuvenate and replenish much needed nourishment and hydration to the skin, massaging puffiness and redness from problem areas, stimulate cell turn-over, giving the immediate results of ounger glowing skin.​

Blemish Free Facial              $110

Clarifying facial for oily, acneic and blemished skin, from everyday breakouts to day breakouts to cystic acne, this gentle treatment will help finally clear up that annoying acne!

Oxygen Lift Facial                 $110

Combat this dry Colorado climate with the ultimate oxygen facial treatment that exfoliates, illuminates, and oxygenates the skin for the ultimate lift and glow treatment for all skin types.

Gua Sha Massage Facial       $110

Amazing massage facial customized to your skin type and conditions, using warm or cool Gua Sha facial stones to massage and stimulate collagen, elastin and rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin.

Teen/Tween Facial               $95

Facial treatment designed for younger adults looking to begin a skin care regimen including consultation, clarifying facial (with extractions if needed), skin analysis and product recommendations.

Organic Signature Facial     $110

Take a relaxing journey with this customized facial designed for your specific skin type, massage and exfoliate dry skin, replenish hydration and restore the skin's natural healthy balance. 

Relaxing Back Facial            $110

Recommended for anyone in need of a relaxing moment to sooth, relax and detoxify. Includes amazing massage of back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

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